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Author Sonia Sahijwani provides readers with a realistic image of the Indian legal system

Author Sonia Sahijwani Saini is currently the only legal fiction writer to have published works in English, Hindi, and also an audio book to her credit narrated in her own voice.  

Women have played vital roles in the growth of the practice of law. Whether it be defending clients in court, representing companies, or making powerful rulings, female lawyers continue to fight for justice and pave the way for women in the field.

Certain women legal experts have left remarkable imprints on the fields other than law. We are regularly sharing stories of these women achievers and in this piece we talk about a legal expert who has made significant impact in Indian literary field thorough her Indian law and judicial system based fiction books.

Lets introduce you to Author Sonia Sahijwani Saini who currently is the only legal fiction writer to have published works in English, Hindi, and also an audio book to her credit narrated in her own voice. 

Sonia Sahijwani Saini, a writer by passion, a doting mother to a four year old Suhaan and an in house legal advisor by profession has brought law to the forefront in Indian Fiction Writing with her interesting and novel bestselling books – Yours Legally & Aapki Sia LLB (both legal fiction). Besides, she has also penned Baby on Board which is an account of her own journey towards parenthood for which she was also bestowed with Best Writer Jury by Indian Literary Awards in 2020.

Here is a snippet of her success in the field of Indian Literature.

Who is Sonia Sahijwani?

Sonia Sahijwani is an Indian bestselling author, legal expert, and a proud mother. Her books Yours Legally, Aapki Sia LLB, and Baby on Board have been widely appreciated and have garnered positive reviews from the readers and critics. She has also been felicitated with multiple awards and honours for her contribution to Indian Literature including Dr Sarojini Naidu International Award for working women for her contribution to the field of Indian writing.

With the release of Aapki Sia LLB in 2021, Sonia Sahijwani became the only legal fiction writer to have works in both English and Hindi.

Sonia Sahijwani is an ardent lover of her mother tongue and chose to republish her debut book Yours Legally in Hindi with a new catchy title as she thinks that a sizable portion of Indian readers are familiar with the language and would love to read court room dramas in Hindi as well.

Aapki Sia LLB is the Hindi translation of her law based bestseller Yours Legally. The book is a collection of short stories featuring the central character Sia, who is inspired by the author herself.

Yours Legally by Sonia Sahijwani is also available in the audio format on multiple platforms

Sonia has also given her voice for the audio version of Yours Legally which is available on Spotify, Google, Apple podcasts, and other common audio platforms.

About Yours Legally – Bestseller in Legal Fiction

Yours Legally – Sonia’s debut book released in 2019, is a collection of 6 short stories related to the legal profession inspired by true events. Sonia Sahijwani (Saini), is a legal officer by profession and a writer by passion. Sia, the central character of Yours Legally, is the younger version of Sonia, who is just starting her career.

The main character, Sia, has always had an interest in law and has pursued a career as a lawyer as a result. She talks about her courtroom experiences as well as her conversations, debates, and arguments with criminals and her coworkers. Each tale is distinct and realistic (since many are real life experiences of the author).

One can learn about the operation of our judicial system through this book. This book completely altered the way a normal person is used to view the courtroom scenes that we watch in movies. Readers absolutely adored this book because it gives them a look of various court cases and the author’s perspective on those circumstances.

Sonia is also known for her book Baby on Board which is the author’s honest account of her journey towards parenthood that aims to challenge and break the age-old myths and perceptions surrounding pregnancy in our society and motivates men and women towards entering this phase with utmost positivity.

She has been adjudged as one of India’s top authors by national media and also one of the most exciting ones to watch out for in the future.

Her writing schedule has definitely come to a brief halt after coming back to her hometown Delhi and also due to donning multiple roles of being a mother, a homemaker, a working professional but she adheres to the never-say-enough philosophy and is confident she will be back next year with a new release.

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