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LXME launches disruptive campaign #BeLikeMissSanta

LXME (pronounced as Lakshmi), India’s pioneering financial platform for women, is celebrating this festive season with a plot twist to the traditional Santa Claus approach of celebrating Christmas. They are bringing in a modern-day Miss Santa who is feisty, confident, and independent, a giver, caring, and fantastic at managing money and investments, and calls out women to #BeLikeMissSanta. The campaign aims to break the stereotypical idea that women are not adept at managing their finances, & investments.

Speaking on the campaign, Jasmin Gupta CEO and Co-Founder at LXME, “#BeLikeMissSanta is a disruptive campaign that showcases how good Miss Santa is with Money management and investment and redefines the calibre of a modern-day woman. We believe every woman has therefore built an ecosystem for her to be financially fearless and ready to take charge of their money. Our campaign is to encourage more women to break off from this mindset and become financially literate.”

Adding to it, Payal Gugle Co-Founder at Postcard India, said, “We wanted to create a compelling campaign that resonated with the conviction and clarity LXME showed in their thought process. The challenge was to disrupt the traditional mindset and yet showcase a message to empower women to celebrate the holiday season with cheer and fun and start taking steps towards financial literacy. #BeLikeMissSanta is a spirit we want to inspire within all women.”

The storyline of the #BeLikeMissSanta Campaign is to embody the spirit of the modern-day woman who is very caring and giving and, at the same time, is very focused, strong, committed, independent, and has the courage to manage her finances. The campaign will be a digital campaign primarily focusing on social media platforms.

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